Yard Sale

Midway Manor Community Association's Yard Sale is set for Sat., Sept. 9th from 8am - 1pm. There will be sales at homes throughout the Manor, as well as sales at the park. Please see the map below for locations of sales in the neighborhood.

The Snack Shed in the park will be open and serving donuts, breakfast sandwiches, coffee and juice. There will be a porta-potty in the parking area. 

There will also be a book sale in the park, with all proceeds to benefit MMCA to go back into the community. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at MMCA.YardSale@yahoo.com 

We’re looking forward to another successful community yard sale. Please help MMCA by participating and spreading the word to your friends  ... face to face or by social media.

 For those at the park:

You will be using the grass behind the park sidewalk perimeter to display your yard sale items. (The sidewalks are for the buyers to walk on.)

Pennsylvania St, Tacoma St and Highland St have trees that provide shade. The shaded areas will have 20 feet (or 4 sidewalk panels) marked off in chalk. Ulster St and 1/2 of Pennsylvania St does not have shade. That area will have 30 feet (or 6 sidewalk panels). The sidewalks panels will be marked off by chalk...which hopefully will not be washed away by Friday night's rain. 

You get to choose your spot. First come, first selection.  There are plenty to choose from....everyone has their own preferences. We ask that you do not arrive before 6 a.m. Alice Romberger will be wearing a greenish yellow safety vest and will be around the front of the school to check people in. Phone number 610-393-3618 if you can't find her.

We suggest that when you select your spot that you temporarily park your car by the sidewalk, unload your boxes, tables, tarps etc. onto the sidewalk, then move your car to either the school parking lot or to one of the side streets. (Your car will be safer there.) The buyers will be pulling in and out around the streets of the school.

You will then be able to arrange your yard sale items on the grass.

Your MMCA Yard Sale Committee